I have been interested in sailing for some time. Recently I bought a boat in Stockholm. It's a Scampi, 30ft, Swedish made. I plan to live aboard and travel, doing programming work on the way. It's my latest technomadic platform.

I will be travelling with Irene, and we are now looking for more crew.



We are looking for someone to join us for an adventure. An experienced sailor would be better, but probably more important is someone we get along with. We bought a boat in Stockholm late last year and will return there in April to fix it up and start our adventure - are you keen on helping out and sailing with us for a bit?

Who are we?

River and Irene 🐱

River is 31 and from Scotland, he has been sailing before, have the day skipper, done some deliveries and sailed with family friends and so on.

Irene is 25 and from Norway, she grew up in the coast and are used to be at the sea and in boats, she have not been sailing other that a few trips before. She make food and cake on the boat.

We have been travelling and enjoying life’s ups and downs together for about 9 months now and are planning on living on this boat until we get bored or grow old on the sea - so somewhere between a week and the rest of our life.

The Boat

The boat is a Scampi, built in Sweden around 40 years ago. She is 30 feet (9m) long and about 2.5 meter beam, there’s not much headroom if you are over 175, but she is absolutely lovely. She have beds for 5 people, but not much space for more than 3 of us. The galley has an oven so we can have fresh bread when at sea - we are both into sustainable living and the menu on the boat will be mostly vegan (sometimes vegetarian and pescetarian if we catch some fish).

Before we go there’s a few things that need to be done on the boat, this are also things we would love your help with. From the start of April we will be in Stockholm working on her so we are ready for the boat going on water 28th of April.

The Plan

So when we take off and sail out into the world, where are we going to travel? We are thinking about staying around the Stockholm archipelago for a bit, getting to know the boat. Living at anchor so there will be no fancy expensive marinas with showers and such. After that the plan is to go around to Norway up the coast for a bit, over to Shetland, then down the West coast of Scotland and further down to Portugal/Spain/the Canaries for the winter.

The question now is who are you, do you want to come and for how long? Can you help fixing her up before we leave? Do you have any special skills? Do you play and instruments? Do you like board games and Moomin?

River & Irene

Join us