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This is the homepage of River MacLeod.

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My boat on a lake in Stockholm


I live on a boat, and have been cruising around the Baltic. Do you want to join?

Previously, I have travelled by bicycle. In 2013, I travelled by bike and boat from Mexico to Colombia. I attached a solar panel to the bike ad made a charger for my laptop so I could write even when away from civilisation for a while. I left with the idea of going to Patagonia, but I wanted to do something else by the time I got to Colombia. I would like to go back to South America sometime. I called the trip Cycle Who. I've written an Introduction, an FAQ, and blog posts tagged Cycle Who.

In Winter 2011-2012 I went to the Canary Islands to try and hitch a lift in a boat to South America. I didn't get there but I discovered the Canary Islands. Blog posts covering this adventure are tagged "serbla".

See also photos on flickr, and my twitter account for updates.


I occasionally take on freelance software development jobs. Previously I have worked as a software engineer at internet startups on distributed systems, machine learning, and both front and back end web development. I have built a product all the way from the business model, through UX design, and front and backend development, to automated deployment and hosting network architecture.

I am available to hire now.


The domain name of this site is my amateur radio callsign. I have not been active on amateur radio recently, but previously I have participated in SOTA, and I plan to install an HF radio on the boat. See the radio section of the site if interested.

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