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This is the homepage of River MacLeod, and his amateur radio station, MM0HAI.


I spent 2013 travelling by bicycle and boat from Mexico to Colombia. I attached a solar panel to the bike and made a charger for my laptop so I could write even when away from civilisation for a while. I left with the idea of going to Patagonia, but I wanted to do something else by the time I got to Colombia. I would like to go back to South America sometime. I called the trip Cycle Who. I've written an Introduction, an FAQ, and blog posts tagged Cycle Who.

In Winter 2011-2012 I went to the Canary Islands to try and hitch a lift in a boat to South America. I didn't get there but I discovered the Canary Islands. Blog posts covering this adventure are tagged "serbla".

See also photos on flickr, and my twitter account for updates.


I've done some work on building a technomadic bicycle. This is a bike fitted with electronic and computing gadgets to enable a lifestyle of travel while remaining connected with technology. Off-grid with solar power and online when needed. You can see the solar power system as used on the Cycle Who trip, and some previous work with HF amateur radio.

I occasionally take on freelance software development jobs. Previously I have worked as a software engineer at internet startups on distributed systems, machine learning, and both front and back end web development. I have built a product all the way from the business model, through UX design, and front and backend development, to automated deployment and hosting network architecture.

I am available to hire now.


Have a look at my javascript implementation of Conway's Game of Life. It's colourful and rather nice on the iPad where it can be installed as an offline web app. Read more about the features and implementation.

I'm starting to put code on github. I sometimes use Stack Overflow.

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